​​Grant of FCRA

​​​FCRA Amount Received till date

​​​                                                                   Project title

Expanding the services of comprehensive mobile eye-screening and eye-care units (vans) in Delhi for the urban poor.

Project description
VSF is planning to expand the services of mobile eye-screening and eye-care units (vans) in Delhi by deploying 3 units (vans) in areas with potentially the maximum need for this facility. These services are aimed at the urban poor in the slums and low-income areas of the city. Qualified optometrists and a trained team will be present on the vans to ensure precise eye-testing (using the most modern equipment) and for giving quality eye-care/eye-health advice. The team will refer people with cataract and other complex eye diseases to the nearest hospital for further diagnosis and treatment (if required). The vans will also keep spectacles for on-the-spot dispensing to those who require. The van will also be equipped with a public address system to spread awareness about its services. The aim of the project is to ensure that no poor person in the targeted areas of Delhi suffers from uncorrected vision on account of lack of awareness, affordability, or accessibility. VSF wants to lighten up lives and thus enlighten the country.  It wants help more people see more clearly and thus contribute to nation building.

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FCRA Application (Prior Permission)